Unemployment Application Instructions

Applying for UI benefits in Tennessee is easy. Follow these steps for starting your claim online.

- Visit this page at for Employment Security Online applications.

- Watch videos about filing a UI claim in Tennessee. You will find one video on the page while there are external links for other helpful videos about UI benefits in Tennessee. These videos should easily explain everything related to online application.

- Click Apply For Unemployment once you have watched videos.

It is important that you collect necessary information before you start your initial claim. This will save you time and make it easy to start your claim. The information you are going to need to complete your application

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI claims in Tennessee

After you apply for UI benefits in Tennessee, you have to wait for the verification period to be over before you start receiving your benefits. All the information you provide in the application form is verified including employer and wage history during this period. After verification, a decision is made which you can appeal within 15 days of the mail date on your letter of determination.

To talk to someone in person and get help with UI claims in Tennessee, you simply need to visit this page for Career Centers.

To check status of your claim, simply visit this link or call an appropriate number from the list below.

- 615-532-1800 for Nashville

- 1-800-689-9799 for areas outside Nashville

- 1-800-262-8094 for claimants calling from outside the state

Managing your UI benefits online

Managing your UI benefits is easy with online services provided by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Visit this link to view your benefits and update information if needed.

To view benefits payments or update information about payment mode, visit this link.

After your initial claim is approved, you will need to submit weekly certification in order to receive benefits for ongoing weeks of unemployment. You can visit this link to submit your weekly claims.

Learn more about UI program in Tennessee

Visit Unemployment Insurance homepage on Department of Labor and Workforce Development website to view more details about the program. You can read frequently asked questions here.