WIC Application Instructions

To apply for North Carolina WIC, you will have to contact local WIC clinic or agency. You can book an appointment for interview through phone and in person. Use this link to find nearest location and telephone number for a WIC office in your area.

You can also contact your local health department to get information on your local North Carolina WIC office. You can find contact information for local health department offices here: www.ncalhd.org/county.

Documents to bring to your interview

When you go for the interview, make sure that you are taking the following documents with you:

  • Proof of identification: Take documents necessary to prove your identification. You can use a valid driver's license, social security card, medical card, birth certificate, immunization record, or military ID to prove your identification. For infants, you will have to bring ID bracelet or hospital crib card to verify their identity.
  • Proof of residence: You current utility bill, medical card, driver's license, and rental or mortgage deed/receipt all can be used to establish your residence. When going to the interview, take any one of them with you.
  • Proof of income: To prove that you're eligible for WIC program, you will have to take your proof of income with you when going for the interview. Paychecks, gross income letter from employer, and letter of unemployment are some of the documents that can be used for proving your income. To know what exact documents to take, contact your local WIC office.

Eligibility Requirements

Just like other states, North Carolina WIC is only available for certain residents i.e.

  • Pregnant Women
  • Postpartum Women
  • Breastfeeding women up to the infants first birthday
  • Children up to the age of 5 years

Those falling in the above mentioned categories will also have to meet the following basic requirements for WIC program in North Carolina:

  • Citizenship
  • Residency
  • Income
  • Nutrition Risk


North Carolina WIC is only available to U.S citizens and certain types of legal immigrants.


You can only get WIC benefits in North Carolina if you are resident of North Carolina. If you reside in another state, please contact your local WIC clinic to get information on program availability in your state.


Applicant should meet income guidelines set for North Carolina WIC program. Household income for applicants should be less than 185% of Federal Poverty Line (FPL).

Applicants can check whether they qualify income guidelines for WIC program or not by comparing their annual household income with number of people in their household from the table below.

Household Size Annual Income Limit
1 $20,665
2 $27,991
3 $35,317
4 $42,643
5 $49,969
6 $57,295
7 $64,621
8 $71,947

For additional person, please add $7,326 for each person in the household. Keep in mind that a pregnant woman counts as two persons and not one.