Aid to Dependent Children Application Instructions

There are several ways to apply for Nebraska ADC:

Via mail/walk-in application

Click here to download an application.

Mail or submit it in person to:

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services System
P.O. Box 95044
Lincoln, NE 68509-5044

Get an Application or Application Assistance by Phone

Call toll-free 1-800-430-3244 or (800) 383-4278 and ask for an application to be sent to you. You may also contact your local DHHS office, click here to find the office for your county.

Required Documents

Age, citizenship, disability and income limits are among the factors that an interviewer will consider when you apply for the program. Thus, it is best to bring the documents listed below to prove your identity and source/s of income. Examples of these documents are:

  • Proof of Identification: Birth certificates, ID cards, Social Security Numbers, Citizenship or Immigrant status
  • Proof of Income: Pay stubs from employment (includes jobs left within the last 90 days), ledgers and income tax returns from self employment such as farming, child support or alimony, Social Security income, pension, unemployment benefits, interest or dividends, student income
  • Other Sources: checking and savings accounts, stocks and bonds, certificates of deposits, retirement accounts, property owned other than the home you live in, automobiles
  • Monthly Expenditures: - apartment, lot or house rental receipts, water or electricity bills, health expenses including medical insurance, child support payments, etc.

Eligibility Requirements

Click here to download the official list of eligibility requirements.

The Nebraska Aid to Dependent Children or ADC can give cash assistance to eligible individuals. You can qualify for the said program if you are:

  • Parent(s) with dependent children
  • Resident of Nebraska
  • 19 years old and below
  • or an expectant mother
  • You meet certain income requirements