Nevada Check Up Application Instructions

Click here to apply online for Nevada Check Up (SCHIP) at the Nevada Check Up website. The form contains a brief on Nevada Check Up program and its eligibility so that you know whether you qualify for the program or not before you apply for it.

You can get more information by calling 775 684 3777 or by visiting Nevada Check Up website.

Eligibility Requirements

For a child to qualify for Nevada Check Up (SCHIP) program, following condition are to be met:

  • Resident of state of Nevada
  • U.S citizen or a Legal Permanent Citizen for at least 5 years
  • Has no other medical insurance and is not eligible for Medicaid
  • Has not been covered by any insurance in the past five months
  • Must be at or under 18 years of age
  • Has income less than 200% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
  • The adult responsible for the child should not have access to Public Employee's Benefits Program (PEBP)
  • Should not be a inmate of a penal or public institute
  • Refugees and certain types of Cuban and Haitan immigrants can also qualify for Nevada Check Up (SCHIP).

Eligibility for a newborn

Newborn children can be enrolled in the Nevada Check Up program to receive a comprehensive medical insurance cover, if:

  • Nevada Check Up is informed of such birth within 14 days. If no such information is delivered within time, the child will be ensured for the next month and not for the month of birth. However, in case mother has an insurance plan that covers first 30 days after child-birth, the enrollment into Nevada Check Up will be considered for period after the current insurance ends.
  • Families don't have to provide a Social Security Number to enroll a newborn child. However, it will be required when the child reaches an age of 1 year.

Crowd Out - Exception to insurance rule

As you know, your child will not be covered by Nevada Check Up program if he or she has another insurance or had one in the past five months. However, there is an exception to this rule, known as Crowd Out. That is, if insurance was terminated due to one of these reasons, such children can be qualified for the Nevada Check Up program despite failing to meet insurance related eligibility.

  • Loss of employment
  • The parent who was responsible for the insurance dies
  • Employer-sponsored coverage ended due to change in address
  • Health benefits terminated due to long-term disability
  • Financial stability that can fall within the definition of extreme financial hardship

Disenrollment of a child from Nevada Check Up (SCHIP)

A child may lose his her eligibility for different reasons. Some common reasons are listed here for your help:

  • The child is enrolled into another insurance coverage
  • The child leaves home, moves out of state, or dies
  • The child is submitted to a public or penal institution
  • The child crosses age-limit or marries
  • The child is enrolled in Medicaid
  • The child gets access to Public Employee's Benefits Program
  • The child's income goes over the limit for Nevada Check Up program