Arkansas LIHEAP Application Information

Arkansas LIHEAP (Low Income Household Energy Assistance Program) helps eligible households with grants to pay utility bills. The program offers its benefits through Regular Assistance and Crisis Assistance Intervention programs. The eligible households will receive assistance once a year. The payments are made directly to the energy/utility company. In some cases, such as crisis intervention, the payments will come directly to the household.

The program provides financial assistance for heating as well as cooling bills during tough weather. The households with elderly, disabled, and young children will receive preference. Households already receiving food stamps will automatically receive LIHEAP benefits in Arkansas.

The program distributes funds through local community action agencies in Arkansas. Community action agencies will also help households with weatherization and energy optimization through improved infrastructure, equipment, and optimal installation of heating and cooling equipment.

Households looking forward to receive benefits will have to meet income guidelines for the program in addition to meeting basic program qualifications. The amount of benefits provided to each household will depend on number of factors such as household size, household income, and cost of utilities for the households.

Low-income families eligible for LIHEAP can contact their local community action office to apply for benefits. Once accepted, your community action agency will transfer your benefits to your utility provider except in case of crisis intervention where household will need financial help to overcome energy crisis.

Eligibility Requirements

Arkansas LIHEAP assistance is only available for qualified households. The program is only limited to

  • U.S citizens and qualified legal aliens

  • Residents of Arkansas

  • Households in need of help with energy costs

  • Households meeting income guidelines

Households will qualify for LIHEAP if they meet income guidelines (listed below) and have a disconnection notice.

Income guidelines

Households needing LIHEAP help will have to meet the following income requirements

Size of household Annual income limit

  1. $21,780

  2. $29,420

  3. $37,060

  4. $44,700

  5. $52,340

  6. $59,980

If you have additional people in your household, add $7,640 for each addition person.

LIHEAP Application Instructions

If you meet income and general eligibility criteria, you can contact your local Community Action Agency (CAA). Find an office near you using this link. Applicants should have the following documents when visiting local CAA office.

  • Proof of income for all adult household members

  • Proof of unemployment

  • Proof of child support

  • Social security for all households

  • A copy of utility bills

In addition to these documents, household may have to bring additional documents to establish various facts listed in the application. You can call your local CAA office to know exactly what documents to bring. You can find contact information for an agency covering your county here. Alternatively, you can use this map ( and click on the region to find contact information for your local CAA office.