Nebraska LIHEAP Application Information

Nebraska Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is for low income families living in state of Nebraska. Such families should have high energy costs compared to their income, which has to be below income guidelines to receive LIHEAP benefits.

LIHEAP benefits are different for each household. The exact amount of these benefits depends on household size, household income, and cost of energy for the household. The fuel type used by the household is another important factor for deciding the amount of maximum and minimum benefits available. For example, households using electricity and natural gas will receive minimum $121 while households depending on kerosene or oil will get minimum grant of $202. Similarly, household using propane have minimum limit set at $211 and those using wood can get $165 as minimum benefit. The benefits are mostly transferred directly to the energy providing company on the behalf of household qualifying to receive them.

Nebraska LIHEAP also provides help with cooling bills in addition to help with heating bills. However, cooling grants aren’t available for everyone. Households with a person over 70 and needing cooling for medical reasons will get these grants.

Nebraska LIHEAP also provides emergency assistance to qualified households. Households looking to receive this assistance will have to meet income and resources guidelines and they have to try to keep their utility bills current. The current situation in which they need help should be due to some unforeseen incident.

Nebraska LIHEAP also provides weatherization assistance in order to improve homes and make them less susceptible to cold and hot weather. Weatherization grants are sent directly to the person responsible for paying household energy charges.

To apply for LIHEAP in Nebraska, applicants will either have to visit their nearest DHHS office or file an application online by visiting ACCESS Nebraska website.

Eligibility Requirements

Nebraska LIHEAP is only available to households who meet the program guidelines. To qualify, you must be

  • A U.S citizen or a qualified alien

  • A resident of Nebraska

  • Must need help to pay energy bills

  • In case of cooling assistance, household must have a person aged 70 or above needing cooling for medical reasons

  • For emergency assistance, you must have tried to keep your bills current but facing emergency with fuel due to an unforeseen event

  • Meet income guidelines

Income Guidelines

For Nebraska LIHEAP, households must meet the following income guidelines

Size of household Maximum annual income

1 $12,639

2 $17,066

3 $21,506

4 $25,933

5 $30,360

6 $34,800

7 $39,377

8 $43,653

9 $48,094

10 $52,520

If your household has more than ten people, you can add $4,413 for every additional person.

LIHEAP Application Instructions

To receive Nebraska LIHEAP benefits, you will have to apply for benefits. You can apply online or do so in person.

Apply Online: To apply online for Nebraska LIHEAP, you can visit ACCESS Nebraska ( website and start your application process.

Apply in Person: You can also apply in person by visiting your nearest DHHS office. You can find a list of statewide DHHS offices and their contact information using this link. On the page, you will see a map. Click on your county and you will see details of office in that county.