South Carolina FI Application Information

South Carolina Family Assistance program is a transitional assistance program. The participants of the program will have to engage in employment-related activities that will help them become self-sufficient within 24-months. The participants are also required to engage in socially responsible behavior.

The program provides assistance throughout the program period so that families can easily prepare financially for the program and support their children meanwhile. Since the program aims to turn dependent families into self-sufficient families, strong adherence to program guideline is required throughout the period. The participants will have to take an active role in employment training as well as actually provide their services once they have trained.

South Carolina FI program has three main programs i.e. Work Program and Self-Sufficiency, Prevention Programs, and Child only Services. Work Program and Self-Sufficiency provides assistance to needy families so that they can become financially stable and take care of education and health of household members. Prevention Programs prevent child pregnancy and provide cash assistance to resolve family crises in difficult situations. Prevention Programs also assist in reunification of families.

Child Only services under FI program provide services for children in case parents are on SSI or a relative is caretaker of the child.

You can apply online for the program through SCMAPP website. You can also apply by visiting your country office of Department of Social Services.

Eligibility Requirements

The following is a list of some of the eligibily requirements for the South Carolina Family Independence (FI):

  • Resident of South Carolina
  • Must be responsible for a child under 19 years of age or be a pregnant woman
  • Cooperate and participate in Family Independence Work program
  • Cooperate with child support program
  • One or both of the parents should be unemployed, underemployed, or about to be employed
  • Gross monthly and unearned income must be below 185% of the income standard depending on the family size. You can view complete need standards here.

How the program works

Your case manager will prepare a plan so that you can become self-sufficient within 24-month period. The program involves interviews, assessment tests, and various screening tests. Families are helped with a monthly cash aid as well as support services throughout the program.

The program provides various services to enrollees. These include employment planning and training to on-the-job training. Services provided through the plan also cover child support services as well as 'childcare and transportation for training and employment' related services.

FI Application Instructions

There are two ways to apply for South Carolina Family Independence (FI)

Apply Online

In order to apply online, you will have to visit SCMAPP website and fill application online. You will be able to sign it online with the help of an online tool embedded into the website. Once completed and signed, submit it and you are done.

You can even check the status of your application online using SCMAPP website. You don't have to wait for office hours since you can apply any time through SCMAPP online services.

Apply in Person

You can also apply in person by going to your county Department of Social Services office.

Please visit the following website to locate you local Parish Department of Health and hospitals office:

Alternatively, call 1-888-342-6207 and ask for assistance.