Arkansas Medicaid Application Information

Arkansas Medicaid program helps needy individuals pay for basic and necessary medical services living in Arkansas and meeting the program eligibility guidelines. The program uses state and federal government funding to provide for the cost of free Medicaid benefits in Arkansas.

It is important to understand that Medicaid and Medicare are two different programs in Arkansas. Medicare only covers individuals who are either aged 65 and above or have a disability. On the other hand, Medicaid covers various additional eligibility categories as well in addition to these two categories covered by Medicare.

In order to receive Medicaid benefits in Arkansas, applicants need to meet financial as well as non-financial eligibility. Financial eligibility is based on Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) guidelines but some candidates are exempt from MAGI rules.

Certain individuals may also enjoy full exemption from income eligibility for Medicaid. Individuals enrolled in certain other programs such as cancer treatment and prevention program and SSI will automatically qualify for Medicaid in Arkansas.

Medicaid program offers various benefits such as early and periodic screening, diagnostic and treatment, nursing and facility services, outpatient hospital services, inpatient hospital services, physical therapy, physician services, laboratory services, family planning services, nurse midwife services, and transportation to medical care. You could receive some or all of these benefits depending on the category in which you enrolled for Medicaid.

You can enroll in the Medicaid program in Arkansas by completing an online application. You can also download an application. If you prefer applying in person, you can visit a DHS office in your state.

For further information about the program, you can visit Arkansas Department of Human Services website.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive Medicaid benefits in Arkansas, individuals need to meet the eligibility criteria determined by the state in light of the federal policy. The eligibility for this program in Arkansas is divided into two main categories.

1- Children and family: This category includes needy children under age 19, a parent or other caretaker of such children, and pregnant women.

2- Elderly, blind and disabled: This category covers individuals aged 65 or above, blind or disabled, individuals enrolled in Medicare program, and individuals who are in long term care services.

To receive Medicaid benefits in Arkansas, an individual should fall into one of these categories.

Income eligibility

Individuals applying for Medicaid services will also need to meet income guidelines in order to receive Medicaid benefits. Follow the guidelines below to see if you qualify for Medicaid in Arkansas.

Size of householdIncome limit

1 $15,800

2 $21,307

3 $26,813

4 $32,319

5 $37,825

6 $43,331

7 $48,851

8 $54,384

If your household has more than eight members, then add $5,533 for each additional person to find out your income eligibility guidelines for Medicaid in Arkansas.

Medicaid Application Instructions

To apply for Medicaid in Arkansas, you can fill an application online or visit your nearest office of the Department of Human Services. Depending on what's convenient for you, pick a method below to apply for Medicaid today.

Online application

You can submit your Medicaid application in Arkansas using an online system. Visit this Marketplace page and create an account to start your online application.

If you already have an account with HeathCare Marketplace services, use it to sign in to the website. Once there, look for Medicaid application.

Download an application

You can download the application form and fill it manually. You will then send the completed form to Medicaid office in order to start the application process.

You can download the online English application form by visiting this link.

To download the application form for Medicaid in Spanish, please follow this link.

Apply in person

If downloading an online form isn't convenient for you, you can also apply for Medicaid in Arkansas by visiting your local office of Department of Human Services. Visit this link to explore the address and contact information for local DHS offices in Arkansas.

You can also call at 1-800-484-8988.